Selecting the Right IT Infrastructure Vendor for Your Network Cabling Project

IT Infrastructure Professionals working on a Network Cabling Project

Whether you are moving to a new space or remodeling your office, one of the major requirements is to look for better connectivity and electronics functionality. To achieve uninterrupted functionality, an efficient cabling network and wireless design are necessities. However, moving or remodeling is not so common among businesses, and hence most companies may not have dedicated infrastructure experts. That’s why many companies outsource to infrastructure vendors to manage their networking operations. To achieve effective and successful communication with successful IT infrastructure management, businesses need to have the right vendor to handle network cabling and wireless design services. Here’s what you must address before choosing an appropriate vendor for your cabling and wireless design project.

Consider Your Project Requirements

Like every other project requirement, when your company plans to hire a cabling infrastructure vendor, it is crucial to draft a thorough list of project requirements. Whether it is renovating the office space or moving to a new one, one should chart out the issues to address and the respective solutions. Before researching vendors, it’s a good idea to list your requirements first:

  • What type of cabling structure do you prefer?
  • Does your company require 100% Wi-Fi coverage?
  • What is the speed the cabling network is expected to deliver?
  • What are the functionalities you want to automate?
  • Do you prefer advanced technologies such as Computer Vision, AI, POE Lighting, etc.?
  • What is your estimated budget and timeline for the project?

Person plugging in network cabling for IT Project

Choose a Vendor with Experience

When you plan to hire a vendor for cabling network and wireless services, the vendor’s work experience should play a vital role in your decision. Network cabling is complicated work, and it is wise to choose a vendor who can bring experience to the table. Consider the questions below before hiring a vendor:

  • How many projects have they worked on?
  • What are the types of projects they have handled?
  • Do they have experience with a company in the same industry as yours?
  • Do their previous projects resemble the project you expect?
  • Ask for the customer references.
  • Consider finding customer feedback on their previous projects to understand how close to budget and timeline they actually are.

How Qualified is the Vendor?

Hiring a vendor requires extensive research to uncover which vendor is right for you. Before hiring a vendor, make sure the company has the right qualification and certification to handle your projects.

  • Make sure your IT infrastructure vendors are a team of qualified and skilled professionals.
  • Look for certifications such as RCDD, Siemon, Corning, and more.
  • Research the level of partnerships the vendor has with other companies. Having quality partnerships speaks to the trust a vendor has with industry leaders.

Focus on The Technical Aspects

When you select a vendor, first jot down the types of cables and accessories required for starting the work. Learn if the vendor can comply with the latest cabling standards and complete the project with efficiency in terms of costs and resources. Check for technical information such as test reports, support services, training programs, and so on.

  • What are the various testing parameters the vendor typically uses?
  • Does the vendor offer a training program? If so, what does the training entail?
  • Is the vendor providing support services after the installation and completion of the project?
  • What is the warranty your vendor is offering?

Once you completely understand what your project goals and requirements are, you can be confident in your non-negotiables when vetting vendors. Keep these key points in mind and ask vendors the hard questions. If they don’t have the answers you’re looking for, there are many qualified, trusted network cabling vendors that will.