In-House IT Support vs. Managed Services Provider

In-House IT Support staff

In today’s age, technology is essential for ensuring business operations run smoothly and efficiently. However, introducing any type of technology into your business adds a layer of complexity that needs to be managed by trained IT professionals. For small businesses especially, and even some medium and large businesses, it’s simply not feasible to hire a full-time IT administrator and team in-house to keep technology running properly. With this in mind, many companies choose to outsource an IT agency to manage their technology services. Hiring outside technology support means working with a Managed Services Provider, or MSP. Here are a few critical reasons why companies are outsourcing their IT management to an experienced MSP, and why you should too.

Outsourcing IT Support is Significantly Cheaper

Did you know hiring an experienced IT professional in-house (depending on the complexity of your IT environment) can range anywhere from $40K – $120K annually? If you consider this substantial cost, along with costs associated with turnover and training, it’s not worth it for most companies. You might also think you’ll get critical emergencies fixed in-house faster than with an outside agency, but a reliable firm can provide your business a 24-hour support hotline equipped with several qualified agents that can solve your problem instantly. Concerns like these are simply not an issue with outside agencies and better yet, they are a fraction of the cost of hiring internal IT staff.

Typical IT service companies charge a monthly rate for ongoing support, depending on your IT environment (number of devices, type of software and licenses, etc.). This monthly rate, when converted to yearly is still significantly cheaper than just one in-house professional’s salary.

Outsourcing IT Can Save You Money on Other IT Costs, Too

Having an entire IT services company behind you has major benefits that encompass all your IT needs. Due to the nature of their business, trusted managed service providers have partnerships with any technology need you can think of, from device manufacturers to software companies. An MSP can negotiate better rates on all your technology needs.

Receive better rates on the following with a trusted MSP:

  • Software Licenses
  • Devices (laptops, tablets, mobile)
  • Hardware (cords, shelving, mice, chargers)
  • Data Storage Services
  • Cyber Security Services
  • Training

Outsourced Helpdesk Staff are More Qualified

While we aren’t saying in-house IT professionals are not knowledgeable about your specific IT environment, going with an outside firm will ultimately give you access to a full team of experts, who not only know your IT environment inside and out, but offer a different vantage point that an in-house professional. An outside firm often has a wider range of experience and can use that experience working with other companies to provide additional cost-saving and efficiency strategies. Outside firms also historically keep up with industry trends and certifications more than in-house agents familiar with their single IT environment.

Outsourced IT Teams are Available 24/7/365

Unlike an in-house professional who may take time off, your outsourced IT support is never in short supply and available when called upon. Experiencing a security breach or network failure? No need to worry with an outsourced team on deck. Depending on what service agreement you choose, you can have a team of experts ready to fix your problem immediately, even in the dead of night – and yes, that service is still cheaper than an annual salary!

You can Focus on Your Business, Not Your IT

While cost is usually a top determining factor when making any business decision, you can’t neglect the peace of mind of not having to worry about properly functioning technology. Business owners have so much to be responsible for, and outsourcing IT is just one major responsibility off your plate. Of course, it’s hard to give up control, but smart business owners know when to hand something over to the experts and focus on what they are truly meant for – running a successful business.