Understanding Help Desk Ticketing Services

V-Soft’s Help Desk Ticketing Services

As one of the many services provided by V-Soft Infrastructure, help desk services with ticketing systems is one of the most common. Our infrastructure call centers enlist highly skilled and knowledgeable call-center representatives to solve your IT problems whenever you need them. With options for 24/7 support, you can make sure your business stays fully operational, even after business hours. Learn more about V-Soft’s help desk services in the above video or catch the recap below.

How the IT Ticketing Process Works

If an employee has a technical issue, whether in the office or remotely from home, help desk services can provide instant support. Take the following scenario: An employee is having issues connecting a USB to their laptop and needs to do so quickly for an upcoming presentation. To resolve the issue, the following steps are taken:

  • The employee contacts the help desk via phone through a dedicated help desk number
  • The help desk representative works to understand the issue at hand
  • The help desk representative will take remote control of the computer to look into the issue
  • The issue then gets entered into a ticketing system
  • The help desk representative will then talk through the issue and resolve on-call
  • The employee will confirm the issue is resolved on their end before ending the call
ticketing system

Benefits of Integrating Help Desk Services

As you can see in the above scenario, V-Soft’s help desk representatives are trained to resolve problems quickly and accurately. By gaining remote access into an employee’s computer, the representative is able to walk them through the problem and how they are resolving it, creating a sense of trust. Here are some additional benefits:

  • Employee satisfaction
  • Immediate results
  • No need for physical contact to resolve technical issues
  • Ability to resolve problems at home or in office
  • Talented team of technical experts on-call

To learn more about V-Soft’s Help Desk Ticketing Services, and all other infrastructure offerings, by visiting https://vsoftinfrastructure.com/.